The ISERVE system is moving and changing.

A New Name, A New Look, and
Better Security
including enhanced search and sort capabilities.

Our new LSOP(Legal Service of Process) application is now
operational and replacing the ISERVE system

There are some important changes that will allow you to receive prompt notifi-
cations and retrieve your service documents from the new website quickly and

• The LSOP system will be located at a new URL address, so please bookmark
  the website’s address. Each new email will also
  point you to the new location.

• You will continue to receive an email notification with the URL link and report
  of cases provided for service on the date of the email. The new email address
  is… , so please set it as a safe sender in your
  computer and network security settings immediately.

• Your user id will also change. Your new user id will be the email address on
  file for your company’s designated agent. You will be able to re-set your pass-
  word online.

• As the designated agent, you can manage your user account online; make edits
  to your user profile, address, etc. and re-set your password online. Changing the
  name of the designated agent will require a new filing signed by the company

• If you have a team working with you that routinely accessed the old site with
  your user credentials, it will be your choice and responsibility if you decide to
  provide the new location of the server, and passwords to the team members of
  your choice. Under these circumstances, be aware that any member of the team
  that has the password to your account can access the system and make changes
  to your account, including your password.

• Log into the site and click on Frequently Asked Questions. We hope the infor
  mation we have provided will contain all the answers you need to navigate the
  system, locate and download your files promptly and efficiently.

• As always, we welcome your ideas, suggestions, and feedback to make the new
  system more efficient and productive for all concerned.