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Welcome to the Bureau of Collateral Management’s website!
This website is designed to provide comprehensive information on our operation and services.

The Bureau of Collateral Management specializes in the management, control and reporting of regulatory collateral deposits. Regulatory collateral deposits are required of various entities by state agencies and governmental units as a condition of doing business in Florida as acts of guarantee or proof of financial responsibility. This management specialization allows the use of custodial contracts and financial information services that are not available or not cost effective for individual regulatory entities purposes and provides control and safe keeping of the required deposits.

Collateral Management provides the specialized management through a Collateral Administration service whose responsibilities include establishing account information, evaluating security issues for market value and deposit eligibility, reconciling and confirming inventory information, processing account mergers and record changes, taking legal and administrative action, and processing cash deposits, interest allocations and disbursements. Collateral Management ensures minimum collateral values are maintained and notifies participating agencies in cases of collateral deficiencies.

Collateral Management also provides a Program Administration service that is charged with, among other duties, the administration of the “Florida Security for Public Deposits Act”, a statewide program insuring that public deposits of the state and governmental units are protected from loss due to failure of a financial institution. Elements of this administration include analyzing the financial condition of banks and savings associations participating in the Public Deposits program in order to qualify them for service to public depositors throughout the state.

Collateral Management has deployed a browser based inventory system that provides you, our customers, quick access to your account information and the ability to interact with the bureau electronically. The Collateral Administration Program (CAP)  is organized operationally between Collateral Administration and Program Administration with critical elements accessible within each operation. Each section is identified in the menu on your left. Please explore our new web site. We value your comments on what you like about the site as well as ideas for improvement. The anticipated External Collateral Administration Program (ECAP) is currently under construction and will be brought to our customers in phases. Thank you for taking the time to let us know how we are doing at We look forward to hearing from you.

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