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Pursuant to section 624.307(8), Florida Statutes,

    “Upon receiving service of legal process issued in any civil action or proceeding in this state against any regulated person required to appoint the Chief Financial Officer as its attorney to receive service of all legal process, the Chief Financial Officer, as attorney, may, in lieu of sending the process by registered or certified mail, send the process by any other verifiable means to the person last designated by the regulated person to receive the process.” Pursuant to records and documents filed with the Department of Financial Services or the Office of Insurance Regulation, you are designated as the person to whom legal process for one or more companies or entities should be forwarded. We are making images of those documents immediately available to you electronically through iServe.This electronic notification is available to you as a designated agent of an insurer, company or entity that is statutorily required to designate the Chief Financial Officer as its Registered Agent for Service of Process, and is not currently available on the web for public viewing.As such, you will be the recipient of this notification and will control the access to the images relating to the company(ies) you represent.

    You have the ability to download the “zipped” file that contains an image of each suit, and you are expected to download all information on the day you are notified of the suit.

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