Chief Financial Officer Custodians for Trust Entities

Pursuant to Section 17.66, Florida Statutes, the State Chief Financial Officer of Florida has entered into trust agreements/contracts with depository clearing custodians for the purpose of accepting and holding security deposits in book-entry form. Collateral deposited into these accounts is held in the name of the State Chief Financial Officer and all activity in the account must have the approval of the State Chief Financial Officer or his authorized agent. There can be no releases, assignments, transfers or other like disposition, including cash payments or wire transfers, without the written authorization of the Chief Financial Officer or his authorized agent.

Depositing entities that wish to deposit securities in book-entry form are required to select a custodian from the list of approved custodians and complete an Application/Letter Agreement prior to depositing securities. The depositing entity must contact the custodians to discuss fees for the custodian's services.

To open a book-entry account with the Collateral Administration Section, the depositing entity should: 

1. Select one of the custodians and complete an Application/Letter Agreement.

Have an officer/official who is empowered to enter into agreements/contracts with the Chief Financial Officer sign the agreement. The authorized signature(s) must have the corporate/agency secretary's attestation and the seal. If there is no corporate/agency seal, enter such statement on the form and have the signatures notarized.

3. Execute an Authorized Signature Certification form.
4. Send the completed Application/Letter Agreement and Authorized Signature Certification to:
Mailing Address:
Division of Treasury
Bureau of Collateral Management
Collateral Administration Section
200 East Gaines Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0345
When the application is received, a Collateral Administration employee will review the information and notify the depositing entity of the status.



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