Collateral Administration Definitions

Application/Letter Agreement – An agreement signed by the depositing entity to establish a book entry account with a specified Chief Financial Officer's custodian outlining the terms under which eligible property will be held.

Authorized Signature Certification formAcrobat Reader required to view this file. – Suggested form for affixing specimen signatures of persons from a depositing entity that, with supporting documentation, will establish the persons duly empowered by the depositing entity to issue instructions and enter into agreements/contracts with the Chief Financial Officer of the State of Florida concerning collateral accounts with Collateral Administration. 

Book Entry Securities – Securities that are not represented by a paper certificate but are instead represented by an account entry on the records of a depository trust clearing system or, in the case of United States Government securities, a Federal Reserve Bank. 

Certificate(s) of Deposit AgreementAcrobat Reader required to view this file. – An agreement signed by an institution that outlines the conditions under which certificates of deposit issued as collateral by the institution are to be governed.

Depositing Entity – Any individual, company, state agency or other governmental unit that places a deposit with the Collateral Administration Section of the Division of Treasury.

Treasury Cash Deposit Trust Fund – A trust fund established under the control of the State Chief Financial Officer of Florida pursuant to Chapter 17.59, Florida Statutes, for the deposit of cash by approved depositing entities. 

Trust Deposits – Deposits required before trust companies, state or national banks, or state or federal associations having trust powers may transact Collateral Administration in Florida. 



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