Information needed by Collateral Administration on all deposits

1. The full name of the depositing entity 

2. Taxpayer identification number of the depositing entity 

3. Identification of the transaction type

a. New Deposit - Collateral for deposit under a new statute requirement.
b. Additional deposit - Collateral for deposit under an existing statute requirement that has had the amount increased or has had a decline in market value below the required level.
c. Exchange - Collateral substitutes to be exchanged for certain specified collateral already on deposit. Depositing entities can usually make substitutions/exchanges of collateral on deposit for other eligible collateral through Collateral Administration without approval of the regulating governmental entity as long as the total market value requirement of the statute is satisfied by eligible collateral on deposit after completion of the exchange transaction. Instructions for shipping of released collateral must be provided in writing, signed by an authorized person. 
d. Voluntary - Collateral deposited by a domestic insurer to be held for other states pursuant to Subsection 625.51(2), Florida Statutes.
4. Address for correspondence

5. Address for interest payments 

6. An authorized signature certification for the depositing entity that states the presented signatures are for persons "fully authorized and empowered to enter into book-entry contracts and issue instructions concerning all collateral transactions with the Chief Financial Officer of the State of Florida". If the deposit is held under a statute, contract, or agreement where the sole signatories on the account are public regulating governmental entity designees, the regulating governmental entity must file the authorized signature certification.

Suggested form for Authorized Signature CertificationAcrobat Reader required to view this file.

To maintain account information, the depositing entity or public authority/governmental entity designees must furnish current information to the Collateral Administration Section on names, addresses, interest instructions and authorized signature.

For mergers, the depositing entity must furnish a certified copy of the articles of merger, authorized signature certification for the surviving entity, and a letter covering changes in ownership and title of collateral on deposit.

For name changes, the depositing entity must furnish a certified copy of the corporate resolution addressing the name change, authorized signature certification under the new name, and a letter covering the change in name. 


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